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Central Coast Ads are Internet website, marketing and advertising specialists located on the NSW Central Coast.

Our services give our clients one focal point for all their Internet website and marketing needs.
Our expertise in not only the Internet but also computers and software issues and allows our clients to get simple straight forward answers to their every day questions.

Website Design

We have established ourselves as a leader in website design, ensuring the product created for you is both visually appealing and easy to navigate for the end user. It will promote your business the way you want it to, 24 hours per day, and become your greatest marketing asset allowing you to eliminate many other costly advertising methods.

Your website will be created by an expert in the design field with many years experience, to ensure it is attractive and professionally laid out with all the relevant information. Our expertise in sales and marketing will also ensure we create the perfect product that promotes your business to it’s full potential.

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Internet Marketing and Business Promotion

An online presence and Internet advertising has become the easiest and cheapest way for businesses to promote themselves. Excessive marketing and advertising costs can be avoided by simply advertising where your target market is looking.

The search engines are the first thing people go to when looking for what they want. If your website isn’t listed for your particular keywords then you need to list with who is.

Central Coast Ads have been promoting NSW Central Coast Tourism and Businesses via our 10 website directories for over 18 years. Our website  directories are listed high in the search engines and ensure your potential clients see your website and generate business for you.

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Other Services
All of our clients enjoy the ability to be able to make one phone call to have their computer, Internet, advertising, marketing and software problems answered. Our expertise in many areas stems from over 30 years experience in the IT industry.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a basic question or problem yet nobody to turn to.
We provide many services that will ensure you have just one place to call for all your needs.

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Please contact us on 0414 464 666 or utilise our contact form for more information or to purchase our packages.

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