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Online Support

There is nothing more frustrating than a computer problem or simple issue that you don’t understand and you need to call out a computer technician to have it resolved. It is time consuming and expensive and at times the technician may not be experienced in the software or computer problems you have.

With over 30 years experience in computer repairs, software and programs, we have the ability to solve just about any issue you may have.

We provide the service of online repairs or training directly to your computer from our office.
We can log in and see first hand what is happening and offer solutions on how it can be fixed, and you can see what we do through your own monitor.

Onsite Support and Training

We have many clients who have simple issues that need fixing, they need training on certain software programs or it may be just that their computer is doing weird things or running slow.

We offer onsite software and computer support and training.

Website Updating

Whether it be a website we have designed for you or an existing website you have, we can offer our support by updating your website for you.
Quite often web designers “disappear” leaving many businesses lost and at times needing to replace a whole website just to get changes made.

Our fixed price maintenance packages allows you to have peace of mind knowing your website changes will be completed on time and as required, and there are no nasty invoices to follow for the work done.

Website and Email Hosting   

Our website hosting packages ensure you receive the best possible package to suit your needs and we offer speed, reliability and maximum uptime for your website. Our other services are second to none so if there is an issue we are always there to assist you. Compare our prices with your current hosting company and see how we can save you many dollars and provide you with our exceptional backup service.

Website Copywriting

For many, writing the perfect wording for your website can be very hard and time consuming.
With our extensive experience with websites, Internet marketing and sales in general, we can offer you the perfect solution.

Our copywriting service allows you to explain what you do and we write the perfect wording for you.
When we meet to discuss your website design, we discuss your business, gather all the relevant information, and write the wording accordingly.

We ensure your website content is informative, portraits you as it needs to, is professionally written and grammatically correct.

If you would like more information on our services please contact us by our online form, email to info@centralcoastads.com.au or call us on 0414 464 666.

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