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Central Coast Ads has been a leader in webdesign on the Central Coast for over 18 years. Many local businesses, especially in the tourism industry, have enjoyed the many services we have provided.

A business website promotes your business 24 hours a day, just the way you want it promoted.
A good website listed high in the search engines, becomes the best marketing tool you could ever have.

It will save you a lot of money in advertising and marketing as well as over the phone explaining what you do and offer.
Your website will tell all your potential customers everything they need to know.

With our experience in general marketing as well as Internet marketing and sales, we will work with you to ensure the content of your website is such, that potential customers will want to utilise your services or buy your products there and then. We try to ensure they don’t have a reason to look at your competitor’s websites.

Your website will be created by experts in the design field with many years experience to ensure it is attractive and professionally laid out with all the relevant information.

Much of your marketing efforts will be to point customers to your website so it’s critical that all the relevant information is there so your “best salesperson”, who is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can close that sale for you.

Website updates

As critical as a website is for most businesses, its content being up to date is just as important.

We provide the services, included in our packages, that have us do all your website changes as they are required.
An email or phone call to advise us of the changes is all we need and they are completed generally within 4 business hours, if not less.

Search Engine Optimisation

A business that wants their website found in the search engines needs to ensure it is optimised to do so, by an expert in this field.
A well optimised website will achieve high rankings for the keywords you would want your business found under.

We have been providing this service for many years and our clients are all listed high for their particular searches.
When we discuss your website design, we can assess the best options for you and the specific keywords to use.

Business Stability

We offer the business stability you need to ensure your website continues to be your best marketing tool. Too often web designers “disappear” or move on, leaving businesses with limited options to keep their website updated and in some cases having to be replaced.

Having been designing and maintaining websites for over 18 years, we provide that stability you need and that assurance someone is always there to help.

Internet Marketing Consultancy

We provide the service of examining your current Internet spending for all your marketing and business website expenses.
Our consultancy will allow you to see exactly what value for money you are getting, suggest areas of improvement and we can advise you on alternatives.
This service has saved our clients many dollars and has streamlined the services they need.

Free Quotation

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can assist you and we offer free no obligation quotes.
Either fill out our online form, call us on 0414 464 666 or email us @

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