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Central Coast Ads has been operating on the Central Coast for over 20 years.

We commenced as a computer retailer and Internet service provider and then expanded and eventually dedicated ourselves in website design, Internet marketing, Internet advertising, Internet marketing consultancy and computer software problem solving.

As part of our strategy to not only create good websites that promote our clients to the world, we also created 10 Central Coast Tourism and Business Directories to further enhance their exposure.

These websites are:

Our aim is to not only create a website for a business that becomes the best marketing tool they have ever had, but also to use our strengths in the search engines to promote these businesses even further. Our expertise will not only promote your business to the best of it’s ability on the Internet, we will also save you many dollars in the process with our marketing advice.

Our overall expertise and experience gives our clients an invaluable all inclusive service at no extra cost and being located on the Central Coast, we are just a short distance away to meet with our clients and ensure they are getting the service they need.

We operate 7 days per week and our personalised service ensures there are no more corporate help lines where you wait on hold only to speak with a person who has no idea how to resolve your issue. With us there are no more sending email requests or leaving messages on phones for critical or basic information, only to realise nobody is ever getting back to you. We are there immediately to assist you no matter how basic the matter or simple the question.

We care about you as a client and want you to be for many years to come. We will do everything we can to assist you with all your Internet, website, computer, marketing and sales needs, whether chargeable or not. Quite honestly we just like helping people.

The Central Coast is a small community and much of the business that happens is usually by recommendations. We have never taken out advertisements to promote ourselves and for over 18 years we have assisted local businesses with all their Internet marketing needs, and thrived, by providing excellent service, all spread by word of mouth.

It is very rare to find a business that has all the knowledge you need in a particular area and is prepared to share this with you, whether chargeable or not. One phone call to us will give you the expert answers and solutions you need.

Our aim is to ensure you are a success, so you remain a client of ours for many years to come.

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